Sloman Shield: Are you really safe?

Protecting your family should be one of the priorities that you have set for your home. The best way to offer such protection is by ensuring that your home is safe from intruders and other unwanted guests. Sloman Shield claims to provide some of the best security solutions for your home. Other than security for your home, Sloman Shield also provides security services for commercial premises as well. What makes these security installations one of the best is that they also come with additional cooling and heating services as well. When a security installation is set up in your home, it is monitored from a central station monitoring center that works all year round, 24 hours a day.

Once a security threat is detected, the authorities are informed about the intrusion. They are also given details about the location so that they can avail themselves as soon as possible. Each customer's security installation is individually monitored as the company does not lease its monitoring services to third parties.

Sloman Shield uses the latest technologies in both their security installations and monitoring services. Their security equipment is usually one of the best that you can find in the market.

Different Types of Sloman Shield Alarm Systems

There are different types of alarm systems that are available from the Sloman Shield security provider. Some of these are:

  1. Car alarm systems
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    The theft rate for cars in the country is as high as once in every twenty seconds. With such a high car theft rate, it is important that you ensure your car's security. This will give you peace of mind. Even when the car may not be the primary target, valuables that you normally leave inside your car also fall under this bracket. Sometimes we leave laptops, mobile phones, jewelry and other valuable accessories in plain sight inside our cars. It is therefore important that you install an alarm system for your car. Sloman Shield has a wide variety of car alarm systems to choose from. These range from pressure sensors to shock sensors.

  3. Barking dog alarm systems
  4. These systems work by emitting the sound of a barking dog when triggered. This alarm system is based on the idea that the sound of a barking dog is sometimes enough to put off any burglar to your home. The concept is really simple and the idea very traditional.

  5. Door alarm systems
  6. An alarm system for your door is installed to inform you each time your door is opened. It is particularly useful to prevent burglaries as a loud sound is made when there is an intruder into your home. Other than a loud sound, you can have flashing lights, a siren or even an automatically configured dialer to inform the authorities of the security breach.

  7. Infrared alarm systems
  8. The alarm industry is constantly evolving with burglars becoming a lot smarter. There is thus the constant need to develop new and undetectable alarm systems. The infrared alarm system is one of the more modern security alarm systems. This system is designed to detect any sudden changes to the room temperature and if it detects this, the alarm will go off. These changes in temperature are compared to the average room temperature so making a change to your thermostat will not trigger the alarm.

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Some of the security services that are provided by Sloman Shield include:

  1. State-of-the-art advanced security installations for your home. These installations are only made by experts. The Slomin Shield is such an example.
  2. Home heating and cooling services
  3. Commercial security services
  4. Security alarm systems such as a burglar alert to send security alerts to the security office.
  5. Emergency contacts to call in case of emergencies or to register complaints.

There are a variety of different security installations that are made by the Sloman Shield security company. These security installations as we have earlier seen range from home/personal security installations to commercial security installations. A security installation contract is normally five years long. For this five year period, the security of your premises is guaranteed and no breach to this security can occur without your explicit knowledge. There is a free security alarm installation for every customer in each scenario where security is required. A security alarm will provide a fast way to inform the relevant authorities and yourself as well (in case you are away) of any intrusion that has occurred. With time, Sloman Shield has proved to be a good service provider that deserves recognition.