CCTV Security Systems: protect your environment 24/7

CCTV Security systems are now recommended by all of the security alarm companies out there. Remember there was once a time when these intelligent and amazing systems were not actually available. Imagine if something was stolen or a crime was committed on your premises and you had no way to actually prove it had happened. In this case you would have to deal with all of the consequences! This could meant having to pay out hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace whatever has been stolen or repair anything that has been broken in the incident. Of course without substantial evidence the perpetrator cannot even be prosecuted in a court of law.

Advantages of having CCTV Security Systems

  • It provides a way to monitor your environment 24 hours, 7 days a week. Something which is hard to do as an individual or could cost you tens of thousands extra in wages if you had to employ 24/7 security personnel.
  • Not only can you see if any person outside the company is committing crime or stealing, but you can also see if your employees are doing anything against company policy. If your staffs knows they are being watched and monitored, then they are less likely to slack, mess around or even steal whilst at work.
  • CCTV Security Systems are considered to be the best way to prove that someone has committed a crime.
    • This is because they are set up to store the images they record, and you will always have a back up of what happened everyday, meaning you can even find out who committed a crime if it goes un noticed for a few weeks.
    • This along with an alarm provided by security alarm companies is great for knowing if something has happened at your premises in real time and will even allow the police to get a good idea of what happened within minutes of being on scene.

Are CCTV Security Systems a suitable solution on their own?


These systems are great to implement for security purposes however not many security firms will advise that this is your only solution in place. Security Alarm Companies will recommend that you use some sort of Layered Physical Security to ensure your business or premises is as protected as possible. A lot of effort has already gone into provided detailed layered security plans that you could use for your initial security development. Of course each of these plans need to be looked at and changed to meet your specific security requirements.

Composition of a Layered physical security?

  • A Security Guard
  • Access Control
  • CCTV Security Systems or Serveillance Cameras
  • Automatic Security Lights
  • Security Alarms
  • Detection Systems (like a Sloman Shield)

As you can see from this brief list of solutions, you can use it as part of your layered physical security approach and you can have more than 5 components monitoring and controlling your environment on a real time basis. CCTV is so important in today's world because if you try to claim that a crime has been committed without any significant amount of proof, your case is likely to be snared and disregarded by the authorities. CCTV Security Systems are a great way to ensure your work or home environment is monitored at all times and also ensures that you always have proof if anything was to go wrong; whether it be an accident, a theft or a simple employee misconduct. You will have everything you need to raise the case with the appropriate people.