Security Alarm Companies: How to choose the one that offers the best protection

Nowadays securing your home with a door and window lock won't assure you your full safety and this would only make you even more prone to theft. One good option for added home security is investing in an alarm system. To do this, the first thing you have to consider is choosing among the best security alarm companies that could provide you a system that is tailored to your preferences as well as to your budget.

The commonly used alarm system is a monitored system, whereas the central security is handled by a private company that watches your system 24/7 and they will be the one alerting the police if something unusual is happening in your home and you were not available. This is the best security system offered mostly by Security Alarm Companies because their awareness is constant and they will provide their own personnel for installation of the unit.

Before searching for alarm companies there are questions to consider and these are the following:

  1. What is the intensity of my security needs and how will I use my alarm system?
  2. Which areas of my home do I need to secure (doors, windows etc)?
  3. Wired or Wireless alarm sensors?
  4. Does cellular monitoring safer?
  5. Should I opt for video monitoring and services?
  6. Is remote access and control my Blackberry or iPhone preferable?

How to Choose among the Security Alarm Companies


Not all companies are equal in the quality and skill they offer, so its best to follow the following guidelines in choosing amongst the security alarm companies.

  1. First speak to your local police and investigate how long it takes them to respond when contacted to a home security alarm after being contacted by the central security of the alarm company.
  2. Have some referrals provided by your local police, insurance agent, friends and neighbors and also inquire about the status of the security alarm companies you preferred.
  3. For ensuring your safety its best to check if the company that you're going to choose is certified by Nationality Recognized Testing Laboratory, Factory Mutual or Underwriters Laboratory.
  4. Ask for the company's business license if it is up to date and how long it has been established. Three to five years will suffice.
  5. Ask for the location of their central security monitoring system because some companies have their central security monitoring system located in other states.
  6. Also check if the company has their own personnel who will conduct the installation and does not hire subcontractors.
  7. Get quotation from at least 3 different companies in your area and have them compared for detection coverage and features.
  8. Be aware to long-term contracts because in the end you will be the one enduring the consequences when you decide to cancel service or move out from your home.
  9. Also verify if the equipment has to be purchased or leased because it's better if you will purchase it so when you are not happy with their service you can use the same equipment when applying to a new security companies.
  10. When meeting with the company's representative, first have them inspect your home and ask for their recommendations along with the explanation why it is the best. If they explained their recommendation very well then more likely you are dealing with a quality firm.
  11. Ask for a hands-on trial and if they permit a demonstration of their product lines at a reference site.
  12. Do not forget to ask if they can provide a service team within 24 hours of your call and if they do annual preventive maintenance.
  13. What about false alarms? Will the company penalize you for false alarms? If yes then also ask for their criteria in determining if the alarm is false.
  14. Lastly evaluate all the information and recommendations you have gathered among the 3 companies during your preliminary research and select which one you will be most comfortable and assured

If the security alarm companies failed to immediately meet these 14 points then they are not capable of providing you top level of system design, customer service and installation.

Other Considerations

Many security alarm system still need a hard telephone line to dial out despite the advent of wireless technology. So be aware on exactly how the system will work in any case of a security breach and how will the security alarm companies notified when this event arises. Inform your alarm company of the kind of telephone line that you are using because if you use VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol for your internet and phones means you are susceptible to breaching oftentimes transmission of alarm signals over these lines is unreliable and there are steps that needs to be applied to make sure of proper reception.

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