Slomin Shield: Protection is key

Are you wondering whether you need to give your home a Slomin Shield? As a homeowner and the person responsible for your family's wellbeing and safety, you have a lot of tough decisions to make. One of them is regarding the level of security your home has. It is a good idea to install CCTV security systems in your home, but are you really certain that the one you select will be able to do a good job?

Slomin Shield - Offering You Exceptionally Reliable Security for Your Family


It is rarely sufficient to have only alarm systems in your home because these do not deter determined intruders whose purpose is to rob your home. What you really need is a CCTV security system that will do the following:

  1. Inform the authorities that a home invasion is taking place. You need to be absolutely certain that the police will get an alert regarding a break in and will arrive at your property in the quickest possible time. After all, even if you are at home you might not have the ability to call for help due to various reasons such as if you are fast asleep or have been incapacitated due to some reason.
  2. Offer an unprecedentedly high quality of personalized service. This company does not rely on any other service provider to monitor its customers, thereby ensuring that there is very little possibility of service standards slipping. You can rely on a Slomin Shield because of the high level of accountability and professionalism that it brings to the job. You can rely on the company 24x7 for any help you require.
  3. Be affordable. When you give your home a Slomin Shield you can be sure that your family is being looked after in the best manner possible and at surprisingly affordable rates. Most people shy away from these CCTV security systems because of the cost. However, you have to consider that the security of your family is at stake here.
  4. Be the best available. Technology changes at a rapid pace and you need to have support from a company that has access to the latest equipment because this makes a huge difference to the quality of service offered. Slomin invests very heavily in the latest technology and is therefore able to provide exceptionally good service.
  5. Be installed correctly. You need to be assured that the home security company you deal with is willing to customize the installation of your home security system. This will ensure that you get the best performance out of it. People visiting your home will not even be aware that you have a Slomin Shield because the company will install its equipment after taking the layout of your home into consideration so that it looks completely unobtrusive. The beauty of your home will not be compromised in any manner if you use this company's security systems.

You will have complete peace of mind with regards to home security if you give your home a Slomin Shield since you know that it can discourage intruders from entering your home.